5 reasons why 5G will change our lives

In an easy way, we can define 5G as the development or evolution of the current 4G, being the fifth generation of wireless communication technologies and standards, which is basically the Internet that devices such as your mobile phone use to connect to the network anywhere.

The evolution of 5G

Going back in time, we can remember that the first mobile phones only allowed us to call and talk using the 1G network. It progressed to 2G technology when SMS were introduced. A big step was made then when 3G allowed us to incorporate internet connection to our phones and then broad banded 4G with streaming and augmented reality.

Now, 5G is expected to take the connectivity to the next level. These are the 5 reasons why 5G will change and improve our lives:

1. Will increase connection speed

5G offers much higher transmission speed, as it reaches theoretical speeds of up to 20 Gbit / s, much higher than the 1Gbit / s that 4G networks now allow. 5G will increase the download speed up to 10 gigabits per second. This means that an entire HD movie can be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

2. Will minimize latency (the web response time)

The low latency, in this case of one millisecond, will allow a practically instantaneous response to any device connected to the network. Connections will occur in 1-2ms, which allows a much higher response speed.

3. Will exponentially multiply the number of connected devices

5G allows more devices to access the network: in theory, up to 1 million connected devices per square kilometer, 10 times more than 4G networks.

4. Will allow the internet to reach everywhere

Projects such as Enxeneta will improve connectivity in places where mobile coverage does not reach or is insufficient. Through small sensors, the extra coverage of the satellites will make it possible to monitor the flow of rivers and water reserves, for example.

5. Lifeline Communications

The set of all the last points will allow rescue and assistance services to respond more quickly and effectively in the event of disasters and extreme situations.

In conclusion, we can already confirm that the combination of these improvements will definitely continue to boost the Internet of Things. As our main challenge is to materialize the concept of The Internet of Things IOT in benefit of workers safety, we can’t be more excited for all the positive and significant changes 5G will bring to our society.

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