5 ways wearable technology benefits workers health and security

The projections for the IoT industry are rapidly increasing. The acceleration of digital transformation and the introduction of 5G have led to an increased use of this technology in our daily life. According to Juniper Research’s latest report, the number of IoT devices in 2021 will reach 46 billion, which is a 200% increase compared to 2016.

Organizations are therefore continually looking to innovate in order to improve efficiencies, be more competitive, and drive profitable growth. In addition, the use of this technology can impact organizations in many ways, for example, providing better health and security measures for employees.

Here are 5 ways the use of IoT in wearable devices benefit workers health and security:

    1. Real-time data

    The technology in the device provides information in real-time about a worker’s health and the environment to which he/she is exposed. This allows organizations to plan comprehensive and preventative actions to be implemented predictively and holistically and consequently reduce the dangerousness of the workplace.

    2. Faster response to emergencies

    IoT devices that include the feature of geolocation allow, in case of emergency, to respond immediately to emergencies and reduce the timing to assist the employee and verify beforehand the atmosphere in which the employee is located.

    3. Mental Health

    According to a Harvard Medical School research, depression (1st) and anxiety (5th) are at the top of the most costly health conditions (including direct and indirect costs). Reducing the sense of dangerousness at the workplace can highly impact in a positive way the mental health and productivity of employees and managers.

    4. Increases Worker Awareness of Safety Risks

    When using wearable technology, workers are more aware of the risks they face during their operational activities. If workers understand their habits better, they’re more likely to adapt their behaviour to avoid putting themselves in potentially hazardous situations.

    5. Learning Opportunities

    Wearable tech allows workers and managers to review and interpret the data collected. Then, they can implement this learning to modify the work environment or the tasks to mitigate risk. Therefore, for those workers that don’t have any knowledge about technology it can be a good opportunity for them to get introduced to this topic.

NGD-One device

Our NGD-ONE device is located inside the Personal Protective Helmet to monitor workers in terms of safety, being adaptable to safety vests or belts too. The device has been specially designed not to interfere in the daily basis of the worker but to be its best ally if necessary and provide the list of benefits commented above to organizations and their employees. Discover more about our NGD-One device features here.

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