Engidi strengthens its presence in the United States

The IoT market in the United States is one of the most powerful and influential in the world. It is considered the cradle of technological trends thanks to ecosystems such as Silicon Valley or cities of great importance such as New York.

In such a technological environment, innovation plays the most important role, where there is always room for new companies to provide disruptive solutions.

With the aim of offering our solutions to reduce dangerousness at work, and consequently being part of this ecosystem, ENGIDI has strengthened its network and resources in the United States with the support of the consultancy firm Inlea.

We believe that it is especially relevant to settle in the US to deal with potential clients and be in daily contact with the ecosystem, as well as to know first-hand the sector needs in terms of occupational safety.

Research from the USA Department of Labor (DOL) validates that thanks to the improvement of data collection, the workplace fatality statistics have improved as well in the United Statesreported a high of 6,632 workplace fatalities in 1994 and a low of 4,551 in 2009.

Meanwhile, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) maintains a list of the most-common federal safety violations committed by employers being inadequate fall protection on construction sites and inadequate hazard communication on the top list.

ENGIDI solution aims to accelerate this improvement in fatality accidents and reinforces the data collection not only to guarantee the workers safety, but to make workplaces more efficient and data driven.

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