How to improve the preventive culture of your company in 5 steps

The preventive culture is the commitment and resolution of all problems in the environment of safety, health and business well-being of employees in the company.

Below we highlight 5 steps that can help your company to improve the preventive culture and the management of occupational risk prevention:

1. Know your workers well and place them in the most suitable position based on your needs

Know what your workers do best, what they like the most and discover where, in what place or position, they can contribute more to the organization, exchanging roles and relying on the information that the leaders of each section can provide you.

2. Pay attention to working conditions and improve your employees’ perception of risk

To change the bad habits acquired by your employees and change them for safer attitudes, attention must be paid and the perception of risk of each worker must be improved to ensure safe and healthy working conditions.

Iot devices, such as as our NGD-One, can help you to prevent future accidents. The device has been specially designed not to interfere in the daily basis of the worker but to be its best ally if necessary.

3. Training and continuous preventive education and development of collaborators

Once the perception of risk has been improved, workers should not be simple followers of rules, procedures and instructions, but authentic managers of change. Training is the fundamental instrument for people to improve skills and attitudes at work, and it is essential in the processes of change. The personal and professional development of people is necessary for what is required of education and continuous training.

4. Participation and teamwork

Commitment by the company and the participation of workers is essential, facilitating interdepartmental cooperation, generating a change so that the way of acting at work is different. Develop agile ways of communication and participation, delegating skills, facilitating the involvement and cooperation of people, also favoring learning and creating awareness to adopt new behaviors and a responsible attitude and respect for the protection of health and the environment.

5. Use the right tools

The company must ensure that it uses the appropriate techniques and tools for the management of occupational risk prevention, not all tools are useful for all organizations. Each company pursues specific objectives which will be more or less easily achievable depending on the level of preventive culture that the company has.

The proactive and generative preventive culture offers companies up to 150% profitability

Investing in a preventive culture is an advantage for your workers but also for the company: it is not only to reduce risks in the field of safety, health and business well-being, it is also to improve the work environment and increase the motivation of workers, obtaining a good corporate image and to make the company profitable by being more productive and competitive.

The implementation of a culture of prevention: the most effective solution to maintain safety and health within the company.

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